Dear Diary is 🤖 chatbot designed to help you create (and keep!) the habit of journaling.

My name is Dirceu, and I'm the solo developer behind this bot, which was built to solve two main problems:

  1. I kept forgetting to write on my journal, even though I always felt better after doing so.
  2. I often had a hard time knowing where to start writing.

What can it do?

Dear Diary accomplishes this by using daily reminders and interesting prompts to help you begin writing, which is usually the hard part.

Some of the current prompts, which work in the form of Telegram commands:

Where can I use it?

For now, only on Telegram.

Is it safe?

Yep. All user-submitted content (except when sent via /feedback) is encrypted before being stored in the database, and all the communication between Telegram and the application uses HTTPS.

Wait, but is this free? 💰

Yes, all the current features are free; I wanted to solve my own problems with this bot, and thought it would be fun to release it to the world.

Depending on public interest I will to start building more features like a web version (to make it easier to read past days and see your streak), export to Evernote, export to email, better / smarter conversation flows, and much more. In that case, I might introduce some of these as paid features to help with development and hosting costs (remember, this is a one-man show!).

Want to start helping right now? 🙏

I wanna use it!